Russian girls are a rage in Indian weddings today. The latest trend in this realm is the Russia Dhol Players. After seeing the Russian girls doing belly dancing and mermaid plays, people have a desire to see them entertaining in some Indian style. This is why we, Punjabi Dhol on Call have Russian Dhol Player services. Only a few platforms in Delhi provide Russian Delhi players and fortunately, we are one among them. Why we are considered special in this realm is briefed in the points below.

The Exceptional Trained Players

Despite being from foreign origin, our Russian dhol players are deeply trained in this art. We have the players who are professional in the dhil playing and they are so proper that there is no room for complaints. First and foremost they look so beautiful that their looks play a major role in captivating the attention of the guests. On top of that, they play perfect dhol beats and this is really a deadly combination.

The Costumes And Makeup

Wr give the best costumes to the Russin dhol players. We even provide the costumes which match with the aura of the place of your event. We give the perfect color and so the guests feel like that these players belong to the place. The matching costumes also give the feeling of warmth.

We Provide Camaraderie

Our Russian dhol Players are familiar with the ways of Indian weddings and Indian parties. They know totally what all the people like and how to maintain the camaraderie with the Indian crowd. They know the native language and while they play the dhol they call out some Hindi sayings like ‘Zor Laga ke’ etc and all this makes people feel really happy and excited. Along with the dhol, the Russian dhol players are also trained in singing/ They can also sing while they play the awesome dhol beats.

On-demand Dancing

Our Russian Dhol players are talented in dancing as well. We provide this service to entertain audience to some extra mile. What we do is we provide little bit dancing with these Russian dhol players. This makes the crowd really go gaga with excitement. The dance steps are exactly what Indian public expects from dhol beats. They know how to perform their steps and what steps to do. If any attendees want to join them, they can easily do and these dhol players know how to make the guests part of the merry-making.

Picture Clicking

Russian dhol players are not easily available and so there is a craze associated with them. People click pictures with the whole bunch. We provide this facility as we allow picture clicking with the whole band of Russian dhol players. It really makes a good memory. Our Russian dhol players are not uncomfortable in dealing with guests whether while dancing with them or clicking pictures. This is because they are well trained in this scenario. We make sure that with awesome dhol beats, Russian dhol players provide all other entertainment associated with it.